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Free and instant currency converter tool online. Simply enter the amount you would like to convert, followed by your currency and then choose the currency you would like to convert the amount to. Our currency converter will fetch you the latest rates for Wednesday 17-07-2024 directly through the global currency exchange. You can also get historical currency rates using the calendar by simply choosing the date. You can get access to historical currency rates on our forex calendar. All you need to do is select the date that you’d need the rates for. Apart from being able to access old rates you can also conduct comparisons on how a currency has performed in comparison with its counterparts over weeks, months and years.

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Historical Currency Rates

Currency Exchange Rates Today

USDUnited States Dollar EUREuro SARSaudi Riyal AEDUnited Arab Emirates Dirham KWDKuwaiti Dinar INRIndian Rupee TRYTurkish Lira
USDUnited States Dollar 0.0000 1.0942 0.2665 0.2723 3.2731 0.0120 0.0310
EUREuro 0.9286 0.0000 0.2482 0.2488 2.9913 0.0109 0.0288
SARSaudi Riyal 3.7517 4.1043 0.0000 1.0212 12.2771 0.0449 0.1162
AEDUnited Arab Emirates Dirham 3.6730 4.0191 0.9790 0.0000 12.0222 0.0440 0.1138
KWDKuwaiti Dinar 0.3065 0.3343 0.0817 0.0832 0.0000 0.0037 0.0095
INRIndian Rupee 83.5466 91.4400 22.2653 22.7515 273.5234 0.0000 2.5879
TRYTurkish Lira 32.2958 36.2139 8.6061 9.0105 108.3262 0.3960 0.0000

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Using a Currency Converter for Latest Exchange Rates

A currency calculator has a lot of uses and a lot of benefits. It is used by traders who invest primarily in currencies to keep themselves informed of the real-time currency rates. It is also used by businesses dealing with overseas clients and customers for perspective on projections and to optimize their finances. A currency converter is extremely useful for consumers as well. For those working abroad, a currency converter helps in gauging when is the best time to send money to their friends and family at home. For consumers wanting to invest, the value of a currency plays a big part in planning investments in order to gain favorable returns. Travelers wanting to vacation abroad also turn to the currency convertor tool to estimate when is the best time to travel in order to get the most bang for their buck.