I’m sure a lot of you know about the strongest economies of the world. But do you know about countries which have the lowest currency values? Well, this post covers a list of the top 10 lowest currency in the world. This list of currencies with their values is based on the exchange rates against the US dollar. The reason for comparing these currencies with the US Dollar is because of the fact that the US dollar is among the strongest currencies in the world. So, here goes the list:

Top 10 Lowest Currency In The World

#10. Belarusian Rubble

Belarusian Rubble is the official currency of Belarus. The currency is still falling in comparison to the other currencies in the global market.

1 US Dollar = 2.13 Belarusian Rubble

belarusian ruble

#9. Cambodian Riel

This is the official currency of Cambodia, a country in the southeast region of Asia. From the time it was introduced, Cambodian Riel had a low exchange rate. One of the reasons for this is the fact that foreign currency (US Dollar) was more popular among the locals in Cambodia.

1 US Dollar = 4063.50 Cambodian Riel

cambodian riel

#8. Paraguayan Guarani

This is the national currency of Paraguay, a country in the continent of South America. It is one of the weakest economies of South America. The country suffers an economic downturn due to various factors such as unemployment, low-quality education, etc.

1 US Dollar = 6019.20  Paraguayan Guarani

paraguayan guarani

#7. Sierra Leonean Leone

This is the currency of Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. One of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone has suffered war and epidemics. It has a very weak economy which doesn’t seem to get better any sooner.

1 US Dollar = 8398.77 Sierra Leonean Leone

sierra leonean leone

#6. Lao Kip

Lao Kip or Laotian Kip is the official currency of Laos. Though the currency is increasing in value, it still has a long way to find its way out of the list of the lowest currencies in the world.

1 US Dollar = 8579.80 Laotian Kip

lao kip

#5. Guinean Franc

This is the official currency of Guinea, a small country on the Western coast of Africa. Though rich in natural resources, the country has a weak economy because of the high inflation rate and low education rate.

1 US Dollar = 9100.15 Guinean Franc

guinean franc

#4. Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesian Rupiah is the national currency of Indonesia. Although the country is believed to be economically stable, the currency here has a low exchange rate and hence it has made its place on this list.

1 US Dollar = 14974.77 Indonesian Rupiah

indonesian rupiah

#3. Sao Tome and Principe Dobra (STD)

This is the currency used in the country of Sao Tome and Principe. The country is known for coconut, coffee, and cocoa exportation. Because of the country’s recent development in the petroleum sector, there is hope of a better economy in the future.

1 US Dollar = 21050.60 STD

sao tome and principe dobra

#2. Vietnamese Dong

This is the national currency of Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese Dong is popular for being one of the highest denomination currencies in the world even though it is one of the lowest value notes.

1 US Dollar = 23450.23 Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong

#1. Iranian Rial

This is the official currency of Iran. It is known for being the weakest currency of the world today. Even though Iran is rich in oil, the country is sanctioned by the US for oil exportation which has made the currency of Iran weaker.

1 US Dollar = 42105.00  Iranian Rial

Iranian Rial


That is all on the list of the top 10 lowest currency in the world as of 2018. Hopefully, you found this post useful. Keep visiting us for more updates from the world of finance.